VCAS Venture Capital Attainment Service
Welcome to VCAS Venture Capital Attainment Service
VCAS - Venture Capital Attainment Service is currently a sole
propreitership individually owned & operated by Mr. Christopher D.
Miller. VCAS is a company dedicated to the funding attainment of
small, medium, and large business.

VCAS started by observing what was a definite need by all of a common
concern which was through either in past to begin a business, or more
presently to substantiate a continuing business, and has endeavored to
maintain a manner of completion.

Though not always the priority, friends and business associates held a
concern, the availability of Business Capital, and naturally further an
Attainment, and of a certain coincidence, I experienced another such
concern, the availability of Venture Capital.

Over thirty years the beginning of my Attainment service.

VCAS - Venture Capital Attainment Service has been in the business
of bringing buyers and sellers together for multiple number of years,
and for all forms of reason, vastly different, varied in business and
strategies, and yet what has numbered one of certainty remains the
enjoyment attained from the completion of the project.

VCAS has availability in the CASH FLOW Industry by its association
with the American Cash Flow Association as an example, and as well is
throughly involved in the FOREX Industry.

VCAS also offers a variety of Business Services... VCAS by
involvement will give requested access to those desiring to achieve the
strength and freedoms of a solidified financial foundation.

VCAS a necessity for startup companies and as well all others of past,
present, or future  business endeavor. VCAS weather welding financial
risk or simply involvement deemed absolute, plan on contacting VCAS.
The Privacy of any
client is of great
importance to
VCAS, therefore, I
have barred
reference and
chosen to remain
exempt of referral.