A company’s accounts receivable department is likely to be one of the busiest department within the entire organization. This department is responsible for processing all the invoices connected with customer accounts.

Transform Idle Invoices Into Working Capital

These invoices represent a valuable source of on-going income for the company and so cannot be neglected; that said, processing these invoices and managing the accounts is a time-consuming undertaking that can distract from other departmental operations. Financing receivables is an excellent way to streamline AR departmental workflow while also providing an excellent source of working capital that can be put to virtually any use.

A Dependable Source of Capital

Financing accounts receivable invoices through Venture Capital Attainment Service has many important advantages that business financial decision makers should be aware of. These include:

  • No recourse even if the client associated with an invoice does not pay
  • No personal guarantees required
  • All business types are eligible for financing
  • Clients receive credit insurance at no additional cost to you

The financing you receive is based on the customer’s credit, not yours. This means that even companies that are facing bankruptcy or other credit set-backs can access valuable funds at highly competitive rates. This is an excellent option to consider when other traditional lending options are not feasible.

Put Your Invoices to Work

Venture Capital Attainment Service is ready to help you liquidate invoices, so contact our team today.