Businesses selling products and services for under $10,000 can enjoy many important benefits as the result of implementing a consumer finance program. Venture Capital Attainment Service has worked closely with our clients to develop financing options that give your customers greater purchasing power enhanced flexibility in terms of payment structuring. Your bottom line improves while the people you serve benefit from being able to make the purchases they need at the right time.

Instantly Enhance Sales Power

The consumer finance program that our team has developed has many important features distinguishing it, such as:

  • On-the-spot credit approval so your customers are not kept waiting
  • Easy electronic application process
  • Ability to finance customers with FICO credit scores as low as 580
  • Support for special programs such as 6 months same as cash

We have considerable experience assisting businesses with the implementation of finance programs and will help facilitate this important process. Secure transaction processing offers you and the people you serve perfect peace of mind. You can be entirely confident that sensitive financial information is being handled with all necessary security.

Ready to Begin?

Businesses in all stages of growth can benefit from implementing a financing program for their customers. Contact Venture Capital Attainment Service today to learn more about this important opportunity.