Managers love to see climbing sales figures but not without that corresponding rise in inventory levels. Even a minor product shortage can stall your production and ultimately decrease your net income. At Venture Capital Attainment Service, we want to help you with your procurement dilemma. Our purchase order financing options are available for merchandisers and manufactures. 

Use Purchase Order Financing to Increase Your Inventory

Benefits of a Purchase Order Loan

Using your purchase orders for financing is a secure way to grow your business without incurring more long-term liability. By offering you quick access to funds with flexible repayment options, we can help your company:

  • Earn larger profits from larger orders
  • Enhance your market share
  • Expand without selling off equity
  • Ensure more on-time deliveries
  • Increase overall customer satisfaction

For many business owners, a purchase order loan is the quick cash-flow solution that allows for major long-term growth.

Dedicated Support

The experienced professionals at Venture Capital Attainment Service know the ins and outs of market trade, as well as the direct and indirect effects on your company’s inventory. We help customers finance domestic transactions and work-in-process dilemmas. Moreover, we continue to play a large role in import and export financing.

Whether you’re a seasoned distributor or wholesale startup, choose the lender you can trust. Call today to discuss your procurement dilemma.