Real estate professionals work in a specialized industry, and commercial property is particularly distinct. Naturally, you need more than just traditional lending options, and the stated income commercial real estate loan from Venture Capital Attainment Service is a great way to secure your next property.

What is a Qualifying Property?

Your LTV is calculated based on the use of your specific property, but we offer financing for most major categories of commercial real estate, including:

  • 1-4 unit, non-owner occupied
  • 5+ unit, mixed use
  • Automotive
  • Self-storage
  • Warehouse
  • Restaurant
  • Office
  • Retail

Take Advantage of Stated Income Financing

Our stated income loan is available with structured plans that are designed for the following commercial endeavors:

  • New purchases
  • Renovations
  • Working capital
  • Current mortgage refinancing
  • Deb consolidation

We offer financing for all types of acquisitions, setting you on a direct path toward future growth opportunity. Many real estate professionals find themselves waiting on their receivables, especially during economic downturns. At Venture Capital Attainment Service, we provide business owners with a secure way to cover their operation or acquisition expenses without going under. Plus, our fixed rates prevent those dangerous balloon payments. By refinancing your current adjustable rate, you remain stable and better able to handle economic fluctuation.

Our Application Process

We don’t like to burden our applicants with stacks of pre-qualifying documents. In fact, our stated income loan application is much less comprehensive than that of other forms of lending. We also offer fixed, no-hassle rates. Once qualified, you enjoy fast closing and full amortization.

Call us today to discuss your options.